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How can we help you?

  1. General

    The main activity of the company is complex supplies of equipment and components from manufacturers from many countries around the world to England.

    Are you manufacturer’s sales representatives or dealers?

    We are not manufacturer’s sales representatives or dealers, but we communicate directly with manufacturers or recognized suppliers to source products that serve our customers’ needs. Please contact us with your enquiry for any product. We offer high quality products for competitive prices.

  2. Request processing

    Why do you need to know where the product I am interested in is installed?

    We need this information because the product is an OEM, which means it is specially made to order for a certain company. Please let us know where the product you are looking for is installed and forward an image of a nameplate or label. Once we have this information we can direct to the correct manufacturer or sales representative.

    Have you received my enquiry I sent by email? Have you received a contact form I filled out on your website?

    Please allow a day for your enquiry to be created and routed to the relevant member of our team. We will send a confirmation with our reference number. If you would like us to advise the status of your enquiry or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

    Where's my order confirmation? How do I know if my order went through?

    As soon as we receive the payment, we immediately place an order. You will also receive email notifications. You can check the details of your order on our website or simply call or email us and our team will be happy to assist you.

    Do you supply original equipment?

    Yes, we supply only original products.

    Do you supply Chinese analogues?

    No, we do not

    Do you supply technical documentation?

    Yes, we do. Please contact us if you require a drawing or a datasheet.

    Do you supply certificates or product passports?

    All the documents supplied by manufacturers are included in the delivery. Please let us know what documents you require in your enquiry.

  3. Commercial offers

    How long does it take to process my enquiry?

    We do our best to provide you with our quote as quickly as possible. We submit requests to manufacturers to get the details for your enquiry and as soon as they come back to us, we will send your quote over.

    Do you keep stock?

    We do not stock items. We request products from manufacturers.

    Can you give us a discount?

    We always set the optimal price for all supplied equipment. All questions regarding discounts are considered exclusively on an individual basis.

    Is it cheaper to order a smaller quantity rather than a larger batch?

    Unfortunately, as quantity decreases, the unit cost may increase due to transportation costs and the pricing policy of the equipment manufacturer.

  4. Delivery terms

    What transport companies do you work with? Can you ship by other shipping company?

    We ship with DHL or FEDEX. Sending your order with other service can be negotiated with our team.

    Can you indicate the exact weight and size parameters of the equipment?

    Yes. Upon request, our team will inform you of all the necessary information about the product as supplied by the manufacturer.